Quality policy


Kotlar d.o.o. is well aware of how important service quality is when it comes to meeting the clients’ needs.

To achieve continuous improvement, a quality management system was implemented according to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard, and it must be followed by the company owners and all its employees.

Kotlar encourages compliance with all the laws, regulations and ordinances of the Republic of Croatia and the obligations assumed by the company.

The processes are carried out according to the state-of-the-art technology, with optimized use of natural resources and energy savings, as far as feasible.

All processes undergo risk assessment. Identified risks that can affect processes, environment protection, health and safety protection, economic stability and ethical values are minimized or eliminated.

Kotlar favours and values its employees’ ideas, knowledge, innovations, efforts, initiatives, solidarity, fairness and commitment, and encourages them to apply self-control, protect the environment and apply protective equipment for the purpose of preserving their health and safety. To ensure a higher level of quality of the services they provide, Kotlar applies systematic forms of training and education and continuously increases their employees’ level of knowledge.

Kotlar identifies periodical objectives that enable the achievement of the set goals:

  • Maintain the existing and continuously improve the client satisfaction level by recognizing and meeting their needs
  • Minimize environmental impact, prevent any pollution and minimize the amount of waste by constant and continuous supervision in the company
  • Manage natural resources responsibly
  • Minimize employee health and safety risks, and ensure elaborated emergency procedures and responses and preparedness for such situations
  • Improve quality of communication with employees and clients and all the interested parties in order to learn more about and understand the clients’ needs, wishes and problems and stand at their disposal
  • Maintain business performance and profit.

The Management Board is directly responsible for the efficiency and implementation of the management system as well as for implementing and publishing this Policy.

The Quality Policy is a public document communicated to employees, associates, service providers and all interested parties, and it is binding for all who work for and on behalf of Kotlar d.o.o.

Đurđevac, 20.10.2017.

Director: Krunoslav Pandek