Kotlar Ltd. is a company that grew from Kotlar, and the facility started working in 1998. Since January 1st 2008 the conditions were met for Ltd. and that is how we successfully do business to this day. Main activity of the company is treatment and coating of material with the process of hot-dip galvanizing. Headquarters and production line are located on Ulica grada Vukovara 10. Around 40 people are currently employed.

The company is registered for the following activities:

  • treatment and coating of metal, tinning of iron profiles
  • buying and selling of merchandise
  • commercial mediation on domestic and international market
  • road transportation of passengers and cargo in domestic and international traffic
  • representation of foreign companies
  • technical testing & analysis
  • product, trade and usage of dangerous chemicals

Social responsibilty and responsibility to environment are the key element of business. Merits of Kotlar in socially responsible business are shown through the security of working places.
Kotlar Ltd. maintains and improves management system which provides constant development and growth of the company. By maintaining constant quality service and improvement of all key production processes in production and quality control, we’re trying to achieve satisfaction of our customers and business partners. This is a guarantee of security for our clients, as well for our future business partners.